December 10, 2011


I love baby feet. I mean I really LOOOOVVVEEE baby feet! The little pudgy, rectangle, tiny, soft feet. And don't get me started on the little toes that look like corn niblits. I take his socks off all the time just to play with them, kiss them, squeeze them. I'll probably have to stop doing that when he becomes a teenager - lol!

November 29, 2011

Preston's first airplane ride!

Preston got to go on his first airplane ride earlier this month. My mama, Preston and I flew back to Iowa to visit family for a week. All of our family live in the same area and nobody has met Preston in person. He did pretty good on the flight. He cried some, but mostly wasn't too happy about having to sit on our laps. If he could have run around inside the plane, I think he would have been fine. We left Colorado in a blizzard and left Iowa in a snowstorm - we know how to pick our travel dates! We flew into Chicago and drove 3 1/2 hours to Iowa. It was nice to see a part of the country that I've never been to. We had a great visit and it was so nice to be around family. The week went by way too fast.

Both of my parents grew up in the same city so there's a lot of memories there. We took Preston to the cemetery where his 2 great-grandpas are buried, drove by his great-grandma's house (she died in 1999 and is buried in Pennsylvania), played at the park and fed the ducks and went to the Mississippi River to watch the barges go through the locks.

I thought this billboard outside of Chicago was pretty funny and very clever:

November 14, 2011

Halloween Penguin

Preston dressed up as a penguin for Halloween this year. I bought it it September and hoped he would be walking by Halloween so he could waddle in his costume - which he did!! He wore it all day as we drove around to visit Daddy and Grandma at work and then at night when we went trick-or-treating at the neighbor's houses. He was a good sport and didn't seem to mind wearing it - he wasn't too keen about the hat though, but it stayed on most of the time.

November 11, 2011

Preston's 1st Birthday Party

Preston celebrated his first birthday with friends and family. We had the party at our house and almost everyone that was invited showed up. It was so fun to share the special day with so many people. Several of Preston's little friends came and it was so neat to watch them all interact. They played very nicely together! I made monkey cupcakes and had a blast decorating the house.

Preston wasn't too thrilled with eating his cupcake. We all sang 'Happy Birthday' and had blow-outs which scared him. He wasn't too sure of getting his hands dirty and digging into the cupcake. I helped him out and assured him it was ok. He ate the whole thing and made a big mess just like he was supposed to.

He has recently learned how to blow kisses and when I ask him where his nose is, he grabs his ear. Guess we need to work on that ;) He loves to give kisses and hugs. He can be crying and if you ask him for a kiss, he'll stop crying, give you a kiss and then resume crying. It's quite cute! He climbed our stairs all the way to the top by himself for the first time yesterday. He's getting to be such a big boy! I have so much fun playing with him and I sometimes just stop to look at him and to take it all in that he's MINE! What a blessing :)

October 28, 2011

Preston is 1!

12 month picture. This was the best shot I could get - he was tired and hated the hat.

Birthday bath with Mohawk!

Preston turned 1 yesterday! Daddy took the day off so we enjoy the day as a family. We celebrated by taking him to the dr. for his on year check-up complete with shots (sorry buddy!). He got his first flu shot and several others. He's always done really good with shots so hopefully he doesn't have a reaction to any of these. It's been a wonderful first year and we're so blessed to have this little guy in our lives.

He's now walking really well and it's so fun to see him waddle around. He has now figured out how to crawl up the stairs, but hasn't figured out how to get down. He gets up a few steps, looks back and panics. He finally started clapping! I've tried teaching him how to do it for months and he would flap both arms, but couldn't clap them together. He just started doing it out of the blue about a week ago. He points at everything and says 'ssssssss'. Not sure what that means, but it's cute :) He loves to point at airplanes in the sky and kitties. He still only says 'mama', 'dada' and 'uh-oh' but mama is his favorite thing to say ♥ He tried pumpkin for the first time on his birthday and liked it and we're switching him from formula to whole milk. He noticed a difference so we're going to slowly wean him off the formula by mixing the two for a week or so. He drank that just fine.

His big birthday party is tomorrow so I'll post pictures from that soon.

Happy 1st Birthday to our
lil' pumpkin!

October 11, 2011

Colorado aspens

Last weekend, we drove up into the mountains to see the beautiful changing aspen trees. I love all the different colors - most are golden yellow, but some are orange and red. They are mixed in with the lime green aspens that haven't changed yet and the dark green evergreens. Makes for great pictures :)

We always stop at the mine pit on our way home to see the HUGE mining trucks.

September 27, 2011


(Double click on picture for a MUCH bigger view)

We recently had a weekend road trip for the beginning of Brandon's Fall school semester. My mama and I joined him and got to play while he was in class.

Here's a collage of our trip:

We went swimming, toured the Budweiser beer factory and ate at The Cheesecake Factory (which has now become a tradition).

September 7, 2011

Labor Day weekend

We had a fun 'Labor Free' weekend.

The city has a hot air balloon show every year and it's one of the only times I enjoy getting up before the sunrise. We went Saturday morning, but it was too windy and the balloons didn't lift off. We went again Sunday morning and the weather was perfect - coolish and not a cloud in the sky.

We headed out of town to take Preston on his first train ride. It's near the Royal Gorge Bridge which is the world's highest suspension bridge. I used to live close by and have been there a million times. Every family or friend that visited took a trip there. It's quite a breathtaking experience. I love trains and saw this one advertised (heavily!) on tv recently. I'd driven by, but never ridden this train. It's a scenic 3 mile trip that gives you a view of the bridge. The weather was cool and it was sunny and beautiful. Days like that you never want to end. Preston enjoyed the ride and so did we.

*You can click on the pictures for a larger image*

August 22, 2011

Crispy Green Beans

The crispy green bean appetizer at PF Changs is probably my all-time favorite food. We never go there without ordering it. They're crispy and salty and battered with a very light coating and served with a creamy spicy dipping sauce *DROOL* I don't feel so bad eating these because it's almost like eating a side of veggies - if it weren't for the crispy fried part :)

Preston was eyeing mama's beans. I let him smell one, but he'll have to wait a few years until I share my coveted green beans.

August 4, 2011

Preston is 9 months old!

My baby is turning into such a fun little boy. He has a very sweet, but curious personality and is always on the move. He's sooo close to being able to walk on his own. He can stand holding on with one hand and today I caught him standing next to the bathtub and he was leaning against it, not holding on with either hand. He can also now stand up in his crib. I love watching him figure things out - he loves to open and shut doors/drawers, flush the toilet, rip apart Kleenex or napkins, throw things into the bathtub and his favorite thing to do is play with electrical cords. He will go straight for a cord over any toy. Fans, lamps, computer, vacuum - he loves them all. I always have to watch him so he doesn't get hurt.

He now has 6 teeth - 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. He's tried more new foods and has liked everything so far. He's now had applesauce, avocado, bananas, carrots, green beans, peaches, pears, peas, squash (butternut) and sweet potatoes. He's been eating brown rice cereal and oatmeal for a few months and I just introduced plain yogurt and tofu. I have so much fun making new combinations. He loves oatmeal/yogurt/peaches - it's like baby peach cobbler :) I'm going to try adding spices next and then we'll move onto all the other fruits and veggies. I like to do them in alphabetical order so next up will be apricots. He now sits in a big boy highchair to eat and loves to bang on the tray while waiting for his food.

My dad just flew in from Phoenix for a visit. He hasn't seen Preston since he was 5 weeks old. He was only here for a few days, but we were able to go to the park and play on the swings and do some other 'Grandpa' things. I was able to get the 2 grandpa's together and get a picture of them with Preston. That will be a special memory for all of them (notice how similar their shirts are - that wasn't even planned!).

Preston had his 9 month check-up on Wednesday and he's doing great. Growing, happy and healthy.

June 22, 2011

First Father's Day...and peas!

We enjoyed a relaxing, fun first Father's Day. We met up with my inlaws for a Sunday brunch and then back to the family house for some playtime with the cousins. Then, we got to come home, take a nap and go out to dinner and do some shopping. That's my idea of a pretty perfect day. Preston was SO tired by the time we got home, but mama had to get some pictures of him and his Papa. Pictures are not optional, especially on holidays :)

He also tried homemade peas for the first time and LOVED them! They were bright green and so pretty - very different from the watery, olive colored jarred peas. I'm still enjoying making all of his food. He's a very good eater! *Notice the appropriate "I Love Daddy" jammies he's wearing*

June 16, 2011

Father's Day - then and now

Here's the gift I made for my dad for Father's Day this year.

The top picture is of the 2 of us when I was 11 days old exactly 37 years ago today. The bottom picture is of me and Preston in the same location 37 years later - he's 33 weeks old. The trees by the lake have really grown in that time! But overall, it looks very similar. The park now has more plaques/statues in the area (the one by us is a Veteran's Memorial), an added recreation court and a big parking lot - you can see our new car in the bottom picture at the left :)

Hope he likes it!

May 20, 2011

Preston can crawl!!

Preston is now on the move. He crawled for the first time on Wednesday May 18th - the day he turned 29 weeks old. We got home from grocery shopping and I put him on the floor so I could go fix his bottle and he immediately scooted toward a toy. I couldn't believe my eyes! He had figured it out quickly and was moving around like a champ. I got his big milestone on camera and video - which wasn't easy because he was following me wherever I moved :) I'm so proud of my lil' buddy!

I also found tooth #2 the same day. I've been checking in his mouth but haven't seen anything. We were outside doing yard work and I got a good peek into his mouth and saw the tooth. He's been a great teether so far - I hope we continue to be lucky. I can't wait to see his big toothy grin in a few weeks.

That night, he tried green beans for the first time. I couldn't find fresh ones that looked good, so I ended up using frozen ones. He seemed to like them ok. I don't know if he wasn't too fond of them or if he was just too tired to eat. I'll try again today. Fresh green beans are my favorite veggie.

May 17, 2011

Mother's Day

Here's some pictures from my first Mother's Day as a Mother :)

We went to the park and Preston got to play on the swings. It was a beautiful day and I am so thankful to have this sweet little boy in my life.

^Ignore the super dirty swing!^

^You're right, Mommy loves you!!^

^He fell asleep in the stroller at the park. I love this picture of his feeties sticking out ^

^The 2 of us with the pretty tulips sent by my dad^

May 10, 2011

Big news!

Preston's getting to be such a big boy!!

(Click on the picture for a bigger view)

May 5, 2011

Mmmmm, bananas!

Preston tried bananas for the first time yesterday - they were a hit!

He's now 27 weeks old. He's getting very close to crawling! He can get up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. It won't be long before I'll be chasing him around the house!

May 3, 2011

Dr.'s and avocados

Preston had his 6 month check up at the dr. last Friday. He's 14.3 pounds and 24 inches. A little on the smallish side for his age, but he's healthy and doing well. He loved stomping on the crackly paper that was on the table. Next appointment isn't until the end of July when he's 9 months old.

We introduced him to avocado on Sunday. He loved it! Mama loves avocado too, but I prefer it with jalapeno, lime, salt, pepper, chips and a margarita! It's so much fun making his food. Next up is bananas - mmmmmm!

^MuShu had to make her rounds and check on the baby^