January 28, 2011

Preston is 3 months old!

Preston turned 3 months old yesterday. Our little buddy is growing up fast! He doesn't look like a newborn anymore and he's starting to figure out that there's a big world around him filled with exciting things. He just found his hands and is constantly sucking on them....which makes him a drool monster! He's now sporting a bib at all times to catch the slobber (except when I'm taking a picture of him in a cute outfit). He wore his first pair of overalls yesterday which won't fit him much longer!

January 26, 2011

First road trip

We took Preston on his first road trip this past weekend. It was filled with many firsts:

First car ride - he did so good!

First restaurant - Noodles and Company (Yum!)

First hotel room

First time holding a bottle by himself

First time in a big bathtub - he loved splashing the water.
First time sleeping in a hotel - he did great!

First changing table (Cheesecake Factory - LOVE that place!)
I can't wait to take many more trips with our little guy!! It's so fun to be a family of 3 ♥

January 13, 2011

Birthday suit

I realized that I don't have any pictures of Preston in his birthday suit so I got out the camera and we had a photo session a few days ago. I also don't have any pictures of him on his tummy. Well, 86 pictures later, we now have pictures of him in his birthday suit on his tummy. He was a good sport and gave me lots of smiles. He's growing so fast and is getting so big!
(Thank you Anna for the adorable blanket!!!)

January 11, 2011


A year ago today is when I learned that our final fertility treatment failed and lost all hope of ever becoming a mommy. Such a hard day, but what a difference a year makes!! Here's an updated picture of our little miracle taken on January 5, 2011 - Preston was 10 weeks old: