June 22, 2011

First Father's Day...and peas!

We enjoyed a relaxing, fun first Father's Day. We met up with my inlaws for a Sunday brunch and then back to the family house for some playtime with the cousins. Then, we got to come home, take a nap and go out to dinner and do some shopping. That's my idea of a pretty perfect day. Preston was SO tired by the time we got home, but mama had to get some pictures of him and his Papa. Pictures are not optional, especially on holidays :)

He also tried homemade peas for the first time and LOVED them! They were bright green and so pretty - very different from the watery, olive colored jarred peas. I'm still enjoying making all of his food. He's a very good eater! *Notice the appropriate "I Love Daddy" jammies he's wearing*

June 16, 2011

Father's Day - then and now

Here's the gift I made for my dad for Father's Day this year.

The top picture is of the 2 of us when I was 11 days old exactly 37 years ago today. The bottom picture is of me and Preston in the same location 37 years later - he's 33 weeks old. The trees by the lake have really grown in that time! But overall, it looks very similar. The park now has more plaques/statues in the area (the one by us is a Veteran's Memorial), an added recreation court and a big parking lot - you can see our new car in the bottom picture at the left :)

Hope he likes it!