April 28, 2011

6 months old!

Preston turned 6 months old yesterday. He's turning into a fun little boy with a sweet personality. He's such a flirt and smiles at anyone who looks at him, especially the pretty ladies. He has the cutest laugh which always gets attention from anyone within earshot. I get comments on him every time I take him out which makes my heart melt. I'm so thankful to be his mommy.

He can now flip over from his back to his tummy. He doesn't like being on his back and rolls over immediately. Makes changing his diaper quite a challenge! He now will only sleep on his tummy - just like mama. And, we don't swaddle him anymore at night and he sleeps for about 11 hours straight. That's nice for all of us!

I made homemade applesauce for him to try on his big day. He really liked it. I'm sure that's a nice change from the drab rice cereal and milk he's used to. I'm loving making his food from scratch - it's fun for me and I know it's good for him. I bought a food mill recently and used it the first time on the apples. It worked great. I'm looking forward to watching him try new foods.


I also bought him a sippy cup to try out. I spent half an hour at the store looking at all the different styles and colors - there's a lot to chose from! Don't let the cute smile fool you, he didn't like the cup one bit! I tried water at first, but that didn't go over well so I tried milk and he took one look at it and tossed it on the floor - LOL! I'll keep trying.

He has his 6 month check-up at the dr. tomorrow. I can't wait to see how much he's grown :)

April 25, 2011

First Easter

We celebrated Preston's first Easter yesterday. I know he's still too little to know the meaning of the holiday and can't eat the candy (mama will help him out!), but we still had fun buying goodies for him and spending time together as a family. Next Easter will be really fun for us and him! I bought him a new outfit for Easter - new shoes, new overalls (it had a picture of a bunny on the front and said "Somebunny Loves Me"), and a new bunny hat. We also drew whiskers on his cheeks for added cuteness :)

April 23, 2011

Bird's nests for Easter

I made these bird's nests for my hubby's co-workers. They were very easy to make and they taste really good!

Bird Nests

Butterscotch chips
Chow Mein Noodles
Jelly Beans

In a large bowl, melt a bag of butterscotch chips, add some coconut and about 3 cups of Chow Mein Noodles. Mix it all together and form into nests (I used gloves). Add jelly beans before the nests harden so they stick. I like how the Chow Mein noodles look like sticks....and the coconut looks like grass.


April 21, 2011

My little fishy

We went out of town last weekend and Preston went swimming for the first time in the hotel pool. He LOVES taking a bath - his feet kick like crazy and his hands slap the water so I was hoping he'd enjoy the pool experience which he did! I bought him a pool floatie, swim diapers (duh!), swim trunks and a sun hat. The pool was indoors, but he needed to look dapper for the ladies :) He wasn't too sure what to do at first but then started kicking and splashing and laughing. He got lots of attention from the hotel guests.

We stayed at a new place this time and were most unimpressed. It's a big name hotel (starts with an 'H'), but we prefer our usual place (Best Western). Our usual place was booked full so we had to find something else that was close to the college campus and the 'H' looked nice online. It did have some good features. We were on the 8th floor (there were 9 total) and had a good view out of our floor to ceiling window. I dread elevators, but I wasn't going to walk up and down 8 flights of stairs multiple times a day carrying a baby and 5 bags. The lobby was gorgeous though - there were white lights in the trees and water fountains all around. The best part was the Starbucks on site - they offered any grande drink for $1.50 with a student ID. We took them up on that offer - yum! We won't be staying there again, but we'll definitely go back for another caffeine fix. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do love froo-froo sugary liquid in a clear cup with a green straw....especially at a killer price! :)

April 13, 2011


I went to Home Depot to look at refrigerators and came home with a brand new car....not from HD though ;)

The car dealership was across the street so I impulsively drove through the lot on my way home to just 'see what they had'. Next thing I knew, I was test driving a new car. The smooth ride, the new car smell, the barely driven 16 miles, the leather seats, the shiny exterior, the fancy dashboard....I fell in love. We got a great deal on it. I turn into another person when I'm buying a car - I don't know who she is or where she comes from, but she gets the job done and gets what she wants!

We got a 2011 Mazda CX-7 Touring. I still need to go refrigerator shopping though :)

April 1, 2011

Hamburger cookies

I made these hamburger cookies for April Fool's Day. They were so easy and so fun to make....and they're vegetarian!

Hamburger Cookies

  • Nilla wafers

  • Mint cookies (I used Keebler)

  • Coconut

  • Red and yellow frosting

  • Green food coloring

  • Water

  • Corn syrup

  • Sesame seeds

Place Nilla wafer flat side up on cookie sheet. Add mint cookie and put in oven for a minute just to soften the chocolate and adhere it to the Nilla wafer. Tint coconut green with food coloring and a few drops of water. Sprinkle on chocolate cookie while still warm to make 'lettuce'. Add red and yellow frosting for 'ketchup and mustard'. Brush top of Nilla wafer with corn syrup and sprinkle on sesame seeds for the top bun. Press onto frosting.