April 28, 2011

6 months old!

Preston turned 6 months old yesterday. He's turning into a fun little boy with a sweet personality. He's such a flirt and smiles at anyone who looks at him, especially the pretty ladies. He has the cutest laugh which always gets attention from anyone within earshot. I get comments on him every time I take him out which makes my heart melt. I'm so thankful to be his mommy.

He can now flip over from his back to his tummy. He doesn't like being on his back and rolls over immediately. Makes changing his diaper quite a challenge! He now will only sleep on his tummy - just like mama. And, we don't swaddle him anymore at night and he sleeps for about 11 hours straight. That's nice for all of us!

I made homemade applesauce for him to try on his big day. He really liked it. I'm sure that's a nice change from the drab rice cereal and milk he's used to. I'm loving making his food from scratch - it's fun for me and I know it's good for him. I bought a food mill recently and used it the first time on the apples. It worked great. I'm looking forward to watching him try new foods.


I also bought him a sippy cup to try out. I spent half an hour at the store looking at all the different styles and colors - there's a lot to chose from! Don't let the cute smile fool you, he didn't like the cup one bit! I tried water at first, but that didn't go over well so I tried milk and he took one look at it and tossed it on the floor - LOL! I'll keep trying.

He has his 6 month check-up at the dr. tomorrow. I can't wait to see how much he's grown :)


Amie said...

cute cute cute!!!

Lorie said...

Eek! He is so cute, cute, cute!

Kim said...

Charlotte is a flirt too. Took her to the store the other day and she waved shouting hi to everyone we passed. Love his sweet little smile and those shoes!!! Charlotte won't keep anything on her feet. Always barefoot like me ;) Yea for making his food! It's so fun watching them taste new things. C is addicted to her sippy cup. She loves guzzling water. So what were his measurements? We had our 9 month checkup yesterday!