April 25, 2011

First Easter

We celebrated Preston's first Easter yesterday. I know he's still too little to know the meaning of the holiday and can't eat the candy (mama will help him out!), but we still had fun buying goodies for him and spending time together as a family. Next Easter will be really fun for us and him! I bought him a new outfit for Easter - new shoes, new overalls (it had a picture of a bunny on the front and said "Somebunny Loves Me"), and a new bunny hat. We also drew whiskers on his cheeks for added cuteness :)


Evangeline Denmark said...

I love it! The basket! The goodies! The outfit! The whiskers! The book! (You know I love books.) The Preston!
The first year is so much fun with all the new things to experience and show them.
My baby is 7 today and it's still fun and there's still new things to share with them both.
We had a great Easter. Looks like you did too! =)

Lorie said...

How cute is Preston! You look great, too! :)

Kim said...

So, so cute!! Love the hat and bunny whiskers!!!

Christi said...

Aww, Preston is just too cute!!! I love the little bunny outfit! I am so happy y'all had a great first Easter with him!