May 3, 2011

Dr.'s and avocados

Preston had his 6 month check up at the dr. last Friday. He's 14.3 pounds and 24 inches. A little on the smallish side for his age, but he's healthy and doing well. He loved stomping on the crackly paper that was on the table. Next appointment isn't until the end of July when he's 9 months old.

We introduced him to avocado on Sunday. He loved it! Mama loves avocado too, but I prefer it with jalapeno, lime, salt, pepper, chips and a margarita! It's so much fun making his food. Next up is bananas - mmmmmm!

^MuShu had to make her rounds and check on the baby^



Kim said...

Charlotte goes nuts playing with the crinkly paper!! Yum avocados. Love that little green smile.

Evangeline Denmark said...

How funny that he likes avacados. Are you making most of his baby food? I made some for the boys and bought some. If I had it to do over again I'd probably try to make the majority of it. I mean, who doesn't want to put cook spinach in the blender and press Puree? Whee!

Lorie said...

Look at that big boy! He is just completely adorable! Kyler wouldn't eat jar baby food so I had to make all his food but I didn't mind at all! You are such a good mama!