May 20, 2011

Preston can crawl!!

Preston is now on the move. He crawled for the first time on Wednesday May 18th - the day he turned 29 weeks old. We got home from grocery shopping and I put him on the floor so I could go fix his bottle and he immediately scooted toward a toy. I couldn't believe my eyes! He had figured it out quickly and was moving around like a champ. I got his big milestone on camera and video - which wasn't easy because he was following me wherever I moved :) I'm so proud of my lil' buddy!

I also found tooth #2 the same day. I've been checking in his mouth but haven't seen anything. We were outside doing yard work and I got a good peek into his mouth and saw the tooth. He's been a great teether so far - I hope we continue to be lucky. I can't wait to see his big toothy grin in a few weeks.

That night, he tried green beans for the first time. I couldn't find fresh ones that looked good, so I ended up using frozen ones. He seemed to like them ok. I don't know if he wasn't too fond of them or if he was just too tired to eat. I'll try again today. Fresh green beans are my favorite veggie.


Lorie said...

Uh, oh! You are in trouble now! LOL! How fun he is crawling! Green beans are my favorite too! Hope you are doing well today!

Kim said...

Woohoo Preston!!!!! Wait until he starts pulling up on everything in sight. Charlotte is giving me heart palpitations these days. She's fearless. She liked green beans, but only mixed with stuff. I mixed it with rice and a dash of nutmeg or zucchini. She loves eating them solid now. Can you come look in C's mouth for us?? She won't let us look too often. Last weekend 3 teeth came in at once!! Toothy grins are the best.