August 4, 2011

Preston is 9 months old!

My baby is turning into such a fun little boy. He has a very sweet, but curious personality and is always on the move. He's sooo close to being able to walk on his own. He can stand holding on with one hand and today I caught him standing next to the bathtub and he was leaning against it, not holding on with either hand. He can also now stand up in his crib. I love watching him figure things out - he loves to open and shut doors/drawers, flush the toilet, rip apart Kleenex or napkins, throw things into the bathtub and his favorite thing to do is play with electrical cords. He will go straight for a cord over any toy. Fans, lamps, computer, vacuum - he loves them all. I always have to watch him so he doesn't get hurt.

He now has 6 teeth - 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. He's tried more new foods and has liked everything so far. He's now had applesauce, avocado, bananas, carrots, green beans, peaches, pears, peas, squash (butternut) and sweet potatoes. He's been eating brown rice cereal and oatmeal for a few months and I just introduced plain yogurt and tofu. I have so much fun making new combinations. He loves oatmeal/yogurt/peaches - it's like baby peach cobbler :) I'm going to try adding spices next and then we'll move onto all the other fruits and veggies. I like to do them in alphabetical order so next up will be apricots. He now sits in a big boy highchair to eat and loves to bang on the tray while waiting for his food.

My dad just flew in from Phoenix for a visit. He hasn't seen Preston since he was 5 weeks old. He was only here for a few days, but we were able to go to the park and play on the swings and do some other 'Grandpa' things. I was able to get the 2 grandpa's together and get a picture of them with Preston. That will be a special memory for all of them (notice how similar their shirts are - that wasn't even planned!).

Preston had his 9 month check-up on Wednesday and he's doing great. Growing, happy and healthy.


Kim said...

His little smile makes me melt!!! He's growing so quickly. Tell him to come teach C to walk!!! She'll stand on her own and take 1 step but then sit down. Yea, for still making his food!!! He's had some yummy things so far!! C loved when I added spices to her meals. Cinnamon was a huge hit!!! Give the lil' guy a hug from us!!!

Amie said...

Looks like a fun weekend for you. :) (Boy Preston looks like your father-in-law!) I love how your lil' guy is just starting to grow cute!

Lorie said...

Oh Jennifer...he is just so adorable! I can't believe he is 9 months old already!