July 14, 2010

Fella and his Bella

My cousin got married over the weekend and I needed to make him a card. I didn't go to the wedding as it was in California. I found this Bella image that someone had sent me. It's called 'Fella and his Bella'. The Bella looks like the bride (especially the hair!) so I used it even though it's technically not a "wedding image". Close enough, right? The card matches their wedding colors - hunter green, lime green and chocolate brown. I made the card mostly white and just added a touch of the colors so it didn't look too gaudy.

I'm now 26 weeks pregnant and things are starting to change! I've had a very smooth pregnancy so far but these past 2 weeks have been a challenge. I injured my lower back several years ago and the pain has come back a few times since then. It's a sharp, shooting pain that feels like I'm being electrocuted and it HURTS! It's not just a backache, it's much more. This pain came back 2 weeks ago and I was miserable. I've been getting a monthly prenatal massage and the therapist thinks it might be sciatica although the pain doesn't shoot down my leg, it goes up my back. I finally went to the dr. and they recommended Vicodin and muscle relaxers and offered to give me a referral to physical therapy. I'm too scared to take the Vicodin, but I've been taking the muscle relaxers and Tylenol and it's helped a little. I hate taking anything while I'm pregnant, but I'm miserable without anything. Some days I'll start to feel better and then the pain comes back. I've been putting moist heat on it several times a day and that feels pretty good. I think I may just have to wait this out. Another symptom that's shown up recently is both of my hands are numb and tingly all the time. It's worse in the mornings when I wake up. I've read that this is caused by pregnancy and is called carpel tunnel syndrome. The swelling in the body causes the nerves in the hands to be pinched and go numb. Never heard of that before! Other than those 2 minor setbacks, I'm loving being pregnant and everything is going well :)

Stamps: Stamping Bella 'Fella and his Bella'
Accessories: Ribbon, Cuttlebug, brads, SU word window punch, nestabilities, Copic markers
Paper: SU green galore, handsome hunter, chocolate chip, white


Kim said...

Perfect wedding card. Hugs on the back pain! I get it in my left hip a lot because I sleep on it and don't move during the night. I've had the tingly feeling in my feet, right below my toes. It's a funny feeling! Hang in there little mama! Went to the Dr. on Monday and I'm dilated 1 cm - eeeehhhh!!!!

Lorie said...

Love, love the card Jennifer! You know Carpel Tunnel is also caused by repetitive movement so all that time you used to spend on the computer taking orders may have affect that too.

HUGS and lots of healing prayers for you!