June 29, 2010

♥ 12th Wedding Anniversary ♥

This past Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary. I love being married to my best friend. I wish we could spend every second of every day with each other. He promised me this would be possible if we win the lottery :) Darn money always gets in the way.

We went out of town for a few days to celebrate. We stayed in Idaho Springs, CO which is about a 2 hour drive into the mountains. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. We stayed at the Indian Springs Resort which has a big indoor hot springs pool that feels fabulous to soak in. It isn't too hot so me and the lil' pumpkin were able to enjoy it. We spent A LOT of time in the pool! We've been there before and we plan to go back next year for our anniversary with our little guy. We highly recommend this place: http://indianhotsprings.com// We ate lots of good food, relaxed, enjoyed our time together and took some scenic drives. One was to the top of Mt. Evans which has the highest paved road in North America. It's paved, but drops off on the sides with no guardrails. Luckily Brandon is a good driver :) The summit is 14,130 feet and it was only 33* at the top. It was a clear day and the drive was beautiful. We saw a herd of billy goats with 4 teeny-tiny babies. Soooo cute!!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband and thanks for such a fun weekend ♥

Road up to Mt. Evans

Mama and baby billy goat - the park ranger said the baby was only a few weeks old.
Me and Brandon at the summit - it was windy, can you tell?!

Echo Lake

Waterfall and Waterwheel in Idaho Springs


Lorie said...

Sounds wonderful Jennifer! You look so cute!

Kim said...

What a wonderful getaway and great pictures!!! Wish you could have bottled up some of that cool air and sent it my way ;)

Tom said...

J & B -

You two are a great couple and I can see a glow of parenthood showing. Jennifer, you were the best child someone could ever have and I am sure Melvin, Mortimer, or whatever name you select for your child (my first grandchild) will be likewise loved and pampered. I guarantee I will help you spoil him.

Please send some of the 33 degree weather to me in Phoenix - it was only 110 yesterday.

Gramdpa (Almost)

Amie said...