May 25, 2012

Mother's Day

My 2nd Mother's Day was full of fun. I got to sleep in (one of the best gifts EVER!) and woke up to a wonderful homemade breakfast. I had flowers and a sweet, sappy card waiting for me on the table. I made rose-shaped bath fizzies for all my mommy friends (thanks Pinterest!) and we hand delivered all of those and then spent the afternoon at the outside arcade on the West side of town. It has been unusually warm here lately, but one this one day, we actually got rain and it was COLD!! It was even cold for me and I'm never cold! We bundled Preston up in 2 coats, a hat and my gloves and put him on the kiddie rides. He had a good time, and I enjoyed being with my family. We went out to dinner and had a yummy dessert - a Pizookie trio. It's like a cookie baked in a deep dish pizza pan, topped with ice cream and other sugary goodness. What's not to like?! We got the Red Velvet Cake, Triple Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream. The last one was my favorite which is odd because I loathe Oreos! We came home and I enjoyed a warm bath using my homemade fizzies and had a glass of wine (or 4) - a gift from my FIL. Perfect end to a perfect day :)
Lavender Rose bath fizzies

Love this picture of my 2 guys

Driving the tow truck (he's man enough to sit in a pink truck!)

Kissing the Incredible Hulk
Riding the grasshopper - look at how brave mama is!!  I am terrified of real 'hoppers but this one was ok.

Chilling on the hammock-swing

Pizookie trio

Kissing mama
Thank you Preston for picking me to be your mama!! I love you!


Lorie said...

It is such a blessing to see you with Preston! I'm glad it was a great Mother's Day!

Kim said...

I want to come play .... I mean C wants to come play!!! She would go nuts over that grasshopper. Can't even begin to imagine wearing a coat and hat this month, lol. Sounds like you had a fabulous day. Told you Pinterest rocks!