August 6, 2010

Garden fresh produce

I planted my garden late (June 1st) and have been waiting and waiting for some fresh produce. I went out to water the other day and lookie what I found!! I planted some different veggies this year and this picture shows two of them - purple green beans (which turn green when cooked) and a Fooled You pepper. It tastes like a jalapeno, but without the heat. I ended up stuffing it with herb cream cheese and eating it raw - it was really good! The tomato was amazing - nothing like growing it yourself and eating it right after it's picked. The zucchini and green beans were really good too. This was our dinner along with steamed Yukon gold potatoes and a mango-nectarine that I found at the grocery store. It was like a small, juicy peach with a hint of mango. Loved it! I can't wait for the rest of my garden to ripen :)


rose sterling said...

You have a good harvest. The tomato is perfect. I usually love beans when I saute it in butter. Why don't you try to plant potatoes. It is very easy you just need proper planting and caring.

sari said...

Mmmmm... that looks delicious!!