April 12, 2010

My tennis shoe obsession

I have a small obsession with tennis shoes - I can pass up regular shoes, but I have a shoe fetish with the comfortable, stylish, new-on-the-market tennis shoe.

I discovered the Reebok EasyTone through a friend at Curves. They were so cute and claim to "firm you up so you never have to workout ever again". OK, maybe that's not exactly their motto, but I liked the idea of a shoe that had a dual purpose. They have 2 stability balls on the bottom and make you balance while you walk so that you're working more muscles than a flat shoe. Sounded cool. I needed new shoes anyway, well, WANTED new shoes, so I set out to find these. Every store in the mall carried a different color - some stores were even sold out because they were such a good seller. I found a silver/pink pair that begged to come home with me. They are really cute, they are comfy and I was happy with my purchase. However....if I wear them on a walk, or for too long at a time, it feels like I have a clump of mud stuck to the bottom of my shoe. But they are cute.

The Sketcher Shape-ups have intrigued me for awhile and it seems like everyone around here has a pair, so they must be good, right? I always thought they looked like orthopedic old-people shoes, but I had a coupon (sort-of, I'll get to that in a minute) and decided to go to the store and try them on. They were comfy and worked in a different way than my Reebok shoes. These shoes rock back and forth, front to back, like you're standing on a rocking chair. They had a cute silver/white pair so I decided to adopt them. I figured between these 2 pairs of shoes, I may never have to workout ever again!! I don't really believe that, but it's a nice thought. They do claim to "burn more calories, tone muscles and improve posture". Turns out, my 'coupon' didn't apply to these shoes (grrr!), but I already had my mind set on getting these shoes so I did what any logical person would do. I looked around and found another pair of tennis shoes that I could use my coupon on - couldn't let it go to waste!! I bought a regular pair of cute Asics. I got a $75 pair of shoes for $32 - I love good coupons :) I've only worn my Shape-ups around the house, but they are very comfy.

Maybe wearing these shoes will help me burn off the 8,000 calories I've been eating from my Easter Candy shopping spree (see previous post)


Kim said...

Thank you for the giggle today :)

Amie said...

Those Reebok ones have intrigued me for a while...you'll have to let us know how you feel (firm-wise butt-wise!) in a couple of months!

Lorie said...

Oh, I do love a new pair of athletic shoes too! I have a pair of Shape-Up's and don't love them but I am sure you will! HUGS!

Evangeline Denmark said...

I still like my Shape-Ups. But I do find that my back hurts when I wear them a lot.