March 2, 2010

Moon over the mountains

I snapped this picture early this morning as the sun was coming up. I looked outside and saw the moon just above the mountains. A few minutes later, the moon was gone! The snowy covered peak to the right is Pike's Peak (14,110 feet). There's not a cloud in the sky and it's supposed to be 50* today. Sounds like a good day for a walk :)

Today's date is 3,2,1,0 (3-2-10). I like nerdy stuff like that!


Lorie said...

Oh, that photo is beautiful! I didn't even think about he date in that way...neato!

Michelle said...

Hi Jennifer. Just a gorgeous photo!! I, too, live in Colorado Springs and feel so fortunate to be able to see such a beaty as Pikes Peak (Pikey, I like to call him....) every day. And I even have a photo of the mountain on my blog banner, too! I found your blog from Anna Wight's blog....cute cards! Have a wonderful Sunday!